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I looked for a carrying case for large Li-Po batteries


Production notes


I was looking for a suitable case for storing and transporting large Li-Po batteries for drones for spraying agricultural chemicals. Considering the risk of ignition of the batteries, plastic is not completely safe. On the other hand, aluminum is not strong enough. So finally, I found an iron ammunition case that originally had made for a military purpose.


When I put eight batteries, each battery is about 1.6kg and the case itself is 3.2kg, so the total weighs 16kg. But there is no distortion around the handle unlike an aluminum case I tried before, so it is quite sturdy. I need a bit strength to open and close it, but it can also be expected to be airtight to block water and air. Since there was a convex part at the bottom, I put a cushioning material to make it even.


Armylike appearance


Eight batteries just fit into the case.


Summer days of my cats



I have two cats. One is Gil, an orange tabby 7-year-old male cat. The other is Miiko, a black and white 6-year-old female cat. They are not a brother and a sister. Some time after I started raising Gil, Miiko came to the space under the eaves of my house and she didn't go anywhere since then, so I started keeping her, too.


I had never kept two cats at the same time until then. I have heard that a new cat is in a stronger position than an old cat, so I tried not to give Gil stress as much as I can. As expected of a new cat, Miiko was strong and she fought back against Gil's threatening.


Now the two cats are spending their time as they please. That said, this summer is too hot for them as well, so they tried to look for cool places and live as comfortable as possible. (H.S)


Where is a cool place?


Cats like cardboard boxes. If Gil finds one, he always tries to get inside it.


Gil is eating the grass in the garden.


Stairs is one of Miiko's favorite places.


Miiko often lies on her back. It must be a comfortable position. But Gil never does like this.


Usually, they don't care about each other but sometimes get friendly.

Good harvest of tomatoes this summer


Life in Fukui

Heat wave has been continuing in Japan. Despite the heat, the vegetables in my home vegetable garden are growing well. Particularly, I got a good crop of tomatoes. Originally, tomatoes are heat-tolerant, and I think that their taste harvested under the blazing sun is more condensed than usual.


Speaking of nutrition of tomatoes, lycopene is well known. Lycopene has powerful antioxidants that is more than a hundred times vitamin E that has an effect similar to lycopene. And, when heated, lycopene absorption rate will improve so I am glad that tomatoes can be used for various menu. (H.S)


Harvest of the other day
There are eggplants under the tomatoes


Tomato curry and rice
Put peeled tomato in last. Fry cut eggplant.


Cold tomato spaghetti
Add salt in the water when you chill the spaghetti. Salt is important! Please pour lemon and put black pepper on if desired.

Cold noodles topped with steamed chicken and sesame sauce at a Chinese restaurant "Fukui Gen"




Yesterday I went to the Chinese restaurant "Fukui Gen" , which I often go for lunch. I chose this cold noodles because I didn't feel like eating something hot on such an extremely hot day with temperature over 35 degrees Celsius.


Althogh it was topped with only a small amount of vegetables, I love the style featuring the main ingredient with almost no extra decorations in the same way as other menus of the restaurant. Ice was put under the noodles.


They also serve ordinary "Chilled Chinese noodles." But I prefer the one above. It is forecasted that hot days will continue for the time being, so I will likely go to eat it again soon.


Memories of Mt. Sanjusangen in Fukui Prefecture



When I was tidying up the drawers in my room the other day, I found a journal of the mountaineering club of the company where I used to work in my younger days. I was asked to join the club eagerly and joined it without much consideration, even though I had never climbed a mountain and had no prior knowledge. Now I think that it was because there were very few women in the workplace, so they needed female members for cooking etc.


After work, I ran on the company ground. And then, I climbed the Mt. Sanjusangen ( 842 meters high) located in Wakasa Town, Fukui Prefecture, which was my first mountain climbing. Although I don't remember very much, I remember that the large panorama overlooking the sea and the refresh feeling when I arrived at grass fields in front of the top of the mountain. According to the journal, lunch of the day was Mabo-tofu (Chinese style tofu food), rice, fruits and lemon juice.


By the way, a co-worker who was in a college mountaineering club wrote in the journal as the ultimate in enlightenment of mountains as follows.
"Springwater in mountains, if you drink it, you will get exhausted, if not, it will be the hell, you drink it and exhausting is the way of mountaineering." (H.S)


Commemorative photo on the Mt. Sanjusangen
Most of them were from other prefectures and now they returned home. The mountain climbers were full of energy and gentle. I wonder if they are doing well.