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Spring / The Season Of Farewell And Encounter


Random thoughts

Charlotte who participated in several GEN's videos.

She moved out of the city.


It was sad for us to say goodbye but it was definitely grateful to meet her,

get to know her and work together.

Dec.24th,2015. GEN Video

Jan.10th,2016. GEN Video

Dec.15th,2015. staff blog

Dec.10th,2015. staff blog

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Spring is the season of farewell and encounter in Japan.


In Japan, there are graduation ceremonies in March.

It is time to say goodbye.


And in April, there are entrance ceremonies.

So it is time to say hello.


Even though there is a full of hope for the future in spring,

spring in Japan leaves people with bittersweet memories.

It is time for us to feel gratitude for the memories which were given to us

and let them go.

Let them go to receive new ones.


We must have a little strength to move forward.


Ending something is a beginning of something new.


In the next chapter of our lives, there are smiles, laughter, joys, new friends and things

we have not seen yet.


Let's see what's coming next!