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First penguin


Random thoughts

I recently heard the word ”First penguin” in a NHK morning drama series.
It means a penguin which first jumps into the sea out of a flock of penguins.
In the sea, there might be some killer whales or sea lions.
Even so, to catch fish, one must jump into the sea first to make sure of the safety.


Finally, a courageous penguin jumps into the sea.
And if the penguin rises on the sea surface,
other penguins will jump into the sea all together.
If it doesn’t rise or rise covered with blood,
other penguins will just go somewhere different.
I wonder how the first penguin feels when it jumps into the sea.
I mean, it might get eaten up right away.
So it is moving to think about the first penguin…


By the way, this word became to refer to people who start something first
despite risks or hardships in a field or an organization. (H.S)