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Mr. Kimura's Guitar

Mr. Kimura from the music group, “Jonetsu Gundan” (Passionate Group),

he had performed twice in Fukui this year.


He is the guitarist who plays in bands such as

“BRIGHT EYES super-duper (Rock)”, “Kimura Brothers (Folk)” and “HAKKI (Instrumental Duo)”.


How does he play the guitar even though he is deaf?

The MC for the events, Mr. WIZARD said that it must be the guitar which he plays.


I found a video from YouTube, “The Shadow’s TV X” in which you can see

how Mr. Kimura collaborated with Yairi Guitar from Gifu Prefecture to make his guitar.



Although I understand from the video that

the neck of his guitar is made for the sound to be felt easier,

I still think it must be difficult to feel and know each note.


As I listened to  Mr. Kimura saying that

“not only for the people with no hearing,

I also want people who became older and started having hearing difficulty to use this guitar”,

I thought that this guitar must be the good news

for anyone with any types of hearing problem.


Without Mr. Kimura, we would not have this guitar today.