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hot spring sourse, a foot-bath in Awara, Fukui prefecture!


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We have just had the first snow of the season which tells us that winter has finally arrived…

Because it is very cold,  it is nice to feel warm by soaking in a hot spring. Charlotte who comes from Australia experienced a footbath called “Ashiyu” for the first time.

“Ashiyu” means a foot-bath in Japanese. The kanji for “Ashi” means foot and the kanji for “yu” means hot water.

One of kanji for “Awara”, “A” can be pronounced as “Ashi” as well (but this “Ashi” does not mean foot. It means totally something else. It means common reed).

Therefore, instead of using the correct Kanji for “Ashiyu” (a footbath), they use “A” which is the one of kanji for “Awara”.  Basically, they played with words.

In a descent building, there are several foot-baths which are different shapes and temperatures.

All of them are free of charge.

Even if you have tights on, there is a changing room in the building so you can change right away.

There is also a vending machine for towels.

It was pretty funny to see a “mixed bathing” sign which was written on a small curtain at the entrance. (of course, this is only a foot-bath place so male and female rooms are not usually separated).


If you would like to learn more about Awara, Fukui prefecture, visit their website at  KANAZAWARA Awara City