Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Yasha-ga-ike pond and Yasha-diving beetle of late autumn

I climbed to Yasha-ga-ike pond on top of a mountain in Fukui Prefecture,
where I have always wanted to go.
It took two hours by the route via Hirono Dam on the Fukui Prefecture side.
Although the weather wasn’t that bad, it was chilly when I got to the pond
because it became cloudy and a mist was hanging.
It was a bit late for autumn leaves reflected on the pond
but I enjoyed the quiet and mysterious atmosphere thanks to the weather.
And, two men climbed up from Gifu Prefecture side taught me about famous
Yasha-diving beetle and salamander live in the pond, so I was able to find them!!
*Note : “Yasha” means demon.