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The best dinosaur park in Katsuyama, Japan, Katsuyama Dino Park


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Today, I visited the dinosaur park, “Katsuyama Dino Park” in Katsuyama city, Fukui, Japan. “Katsuyama Dino Park” is located in the same area where the third best dinosaur meseum in the world is. This museum is now trying to be the best one in the world. This park has just opened on April 24th, 2015 and it has already been visited by over 5 miliion of people. Not only children appreciate this place, but also adults enjoy it as well.


The park is a miniature version of the movie, Jurassic Park. It is not that big one so it takes about 15 to 20mins to walk and watch everything. They are planning to make this place bigger and bigger in the future.


There were many dinosaurs that looked real, scary, and or cute so a child got scared and cried when I was there today. My favorite spot was 4 small dinosaurs were trying to attack a big one. They looked like they were about to jump around and start attacking one for real. There are many speakers in each area. From speakers, sound of dinosaur roaring, eating, and or walking were plaiying ever where in the park.


Of course, I have never seen any real dinosaurs before but this place made me imagine how it would be like to live in the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth.