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Sake, Kokuryu




I visited Kokuryu Sake Zukuri No Sato in Kenjoujima in Fukui prefecture as a Gen staff.  As a Japanese person, I really like sake.  If I have never had Kokuryu 20years ago, I‘d never liked one.  There are many different kinds of sake.  Kokuryu has refreshing, pure, clear and mild taste that it has strong sake taste but it’s not too heavy at all.  It is actually lighter than many other sake, I think.  Since I have started enjoying drinking sake, almost every time I have drunk, I always have had Kokuryu. 

Because I feel very passionate about Kokuryu so I could not hide my excitement today.  As soon as we arrived there, I was amazed by their buildings standing with impressive dignity in the great nature.  I also felt respectful and thankful about the great manner of employees there.  From the great employees, every small thing in their buildings and its atmosphere, I experienced their greatness, seriousness and passion.  No wonder many people have enjoyed drinking Kokuryu for 211years.  I would like to know more about them.  On our way back to the office, we saw a convenience store that sell Kokuryu in their neighborhood which I never saw before.  Kokuryu is also supported and loved by their neighbors as well!!!