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Recommendation of cafe and meal in Fukui City “Kisaki CAFE CENTRALPARK”



I went to “Kisaki CAFE CENTRAL PARK” and had chicken curry for lunch. The cafe is located along Phoenix Street in Fukui City and nearby Fukui Court. I was happy that it was healthy and I could eat plenty of vegetables.


Inside the cafe, it has a relaxed and quiet atmosphere with a nice interior. There is a counter for one-person as well. You can drink flavored detox water for free. That day, they served strawberry one, and cucumber with lemon one. It is a really good service. The staff is very friendly, and I would like to go back again. (H.S)


The shop is located on the second floor.


Inside of the cafe


Flavored detox water


Other than the curry, there are a lot of set menus centered chicken dishes.


The first floor is a chicken ramen shop.