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I made AiRScouter, a secret weapon to fly drones safely, available to my Mavic.


Production notes

Using AiRScouter WD-300A


When taking aerial shots or movies with a drone, I sometimes lose track of it while looking at a monitor. I usually fly it by myself and decided to use a head-mounted display for one eye named AiRScouter to solve such an anxiety. By using this, I can check images on the monitor without taking my eyes off of the drone, so the operational safety is greatly improved. Although the display is very small, I can watch not only images but also a telemetry information such as its battery level, distance, and altitude.


But there was a problem. The AiRScouter connects to a transmitter or a monitor connected to the transmitter using an HDMI cable and mirrors the image of the monitor onto the display near my eyes. It can be used with Phantom4 Pro+ because its transmitter has an HDMI port. But it cannot be used with Mavic series. It was a big problem for me, so I tried EZCast 2.4G HDMI dongle receiver that was sold for 2,699 yen on Amazon, and I was able to use it without any problems. An iPad or an iPhone connected to the transmitter and this dongle are connected via Wi-Fi, so around the transmitter became tidy.

Inserting the EZCast directly into the control box of the AiRScouter interferes with the power USB port next to the HDMI port, so I use a 10-centimeter HDMI extension cable (DOSAN brand) . That's a little bulky, but it can't be helped.


The power cable terminals of the AiRScouter and EZCast are both USB Type-A, so I use a mobile battery (MOXNICE brand) that has two Type-A USB ports.


I got a hard case for the Air Scouter and some small items related to it. I also put an adapter for attaching an iPad to the Mavic's transmitter and an HDMI cable for wired use in the case.
TRUSCO Protector Tool Case Olive M TAK13OD-M