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Follow-up report on the drone simulator


Production notes

(Video of when I scored a lap time less than 15 seconds on FPV Freerider for the first time)


I started using the racing drone simulator software "FPV Freerider" in September 2018 for practicing drone manupilation.


At that time, I gave up soon because it was too difficult to maneuver, but over a year later, in December 2019, I tried it again. And I have managed to make about 15 seconds per lap recently.


I learnd that if I kept practicing even for 10 minutes each day, I could develop my skill little by little. So I'm looking forward to beating my best time.


In fact, I bought the paid version for $4.55 first, so it's too bad that I have used only the "Desert" course of a free version so far.


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