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”Clear Your Clutter With FENG SHUI” written by Karen Kingston




The author Karen Kingston was born in England and lived in Bali Island from 1990 to 2000. She has studied feng shui and space clearing for many years and pioneered purification of buildings’ energy. The book’s first edition was published in 2002 in Japan, so it is an introduction to clear up things before Konmari comes into the world.


Speaking of feng shui, Trump, now the President, when he built Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York(completed in 1997), he invited a feng shui master from Guandong Province, China and asked advice.


By the way, according to Oxford English Dictionary, clutter means a lot of things in an untidy state. And, such things that you don’t need influence people negatively as follows.
*Feel tired and lose your energy
*Keep you shackled to the past
*Weaken your body movements
*Tend to delay everything
*Cause disharmony
*Ashamed of yourself
*Slow down development of your life
*Make you feel depressed
*Get desensitized
*Can’t think on what is important


The book also describes as follows.
Here are a few clearing clutter methods that people have tried.
*Leave it to nature (alias: give up decision). A method that you keep them in a place that they will go rotten naturally.
*Wait until you die, and your relatives get rid of them. This method has been most commonly used for centuries.
*Clear them by yourself responsibly. I suggest this method!
The most difficult thing is that you start clearing. Once you start it, you will be energized quickly, so you will be able to continue naturally.


To be sure, even if I don’t feel like clearing, but once I started, I feel motivated. This year, I would like to make a habit of clearing even one drawer at a time. (H.S)


English edition


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