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The world's only in-airport winery "Osaka Airport Winery"



This time, I departed from Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) to Ishigaki Island via Naha. Actually, at the Itami Airport, there is the world's only winery at an airport. The winery "Osaka Airport Winery" also has a wine bar. So, I went to the airport early and stopped at the winery to have lunch.


The appearance of the winery and bar


Inside the bar
You can enjoy wine and Italian cuisine with a view of the brewing tanks.


Red wine made on-premises (rough filtered)
It was Concord, so I was afraid it was a bit sweet but wasn't and delicious, fresh and fruity. They offer white wines including Chardonnay.


They serve various dishes to go with wine, which are large portions.


They sell wine as a souvenir. The bottles are accented with ITM (the three letter code for the Itami Airport). They also show the wine maker’s name Shigehiro Teruya.


The central commercial area is currently going through major renovations and many new shops and restaurants will open in the summer of 2020. (H.S)