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Leaf patterned leaves in Fukui General Green Center


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There were leaves that look as if plant illustrations were drawn. This is a foliage plant called Calathea. I was attracted to the unique pattern when I saw the plant in "Flower Display Greenhouse (commonly known as Onion House)" in the Fukui Prefectural General Green Center, yesterday.


Since it was about 4 p.m. and chilly outside but there were people who enjoying walking and exercising in the vast park. In addition to those who were walking, there were also parents and children playing with soccer balls on the lawn and people walking dogs. There were cautions saying "No dangerous pets allowed" and "No hard balls allowed", but there were no signboards saying "No dog walking" or "No ball play", which are common in parks.


I think it was good to feel the atmosphere like "Let's enjoy here each other having good manners, instead of prohibiting everything".


Inside the Onion House was decorated for Christmas. There was a photo shooting spot near the entrance where you can expose your face through a heart-shaped hole.
(The photo is from the official web page/only in Japanese)


The park has a vast site with a straight line distance of more than 1 km from end to end. There is an observatory in the main facility "Woodream Fukui".
(The map is from the official web page/only in Japanese)