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Strolling in Shiraho Village in Ishigaki Island 



As I wrote in our blog last week, the Shiraho District, where the little cake shop "PAPIRU" is located, is a quiet traditional village community close to the sea. On this occasion, I took a little stroll around the village. In fact, Shiraho has a long history. In the Shiraho village, over 1,500 people were killed in the 1771 massive tsunami and only a dozen of people survived. But then, they received many immigrants from Hateruma Island and Okinawa's main island. Today, there are over 500 houses and about 1,600 people in the village. Traditional events including a festival to pray for bumper crops are popular there, a big sacred place appeared while walking.


Also, speaking of Shiraho, coral reefs are famous. There is a bountiful lagoon several hundred meter off shore, which there are the largest blue coral community in the Northern hemisphere and more than 120 kinds of coral reefs and colorful fish. (H.S)


Blooming bougainvillea in the village


Shiraho beach is made of corals.


Boatslip by placing rocks simply


The roads in the village is so quiet. The stone walls made of corals and the common garcinia tree are characteristic.


Bus stop in front of Shiraho Elementary Scholl. There is a small and cute shiisa on the red tile.


Had a dinner at an izakaya "Yaeyama-mura" in front of Ishigaki City Hall.


Menus that the izakaya recommends. I ate the most popular one, "Gurukun rice ball", which was really good. Gurukun is fish called double-lined fusilier. Whole fried gurukun is one of popular dishes in Okinawa.


[Video] Go out to the sea of Shiraho, Ishigaki Island, with Sakana-kun (1'49")