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A little cake shop in Ishigaki Island "PAPIRU" 



Last weekend, I visited Ishigaki Island. It was a short stay for attending an open-air concert and I hardly did sightseeing. But I absolutely wanted to go to a cake shop called "PAPIRU" in Shiraho District, so I went there. Although I arrived before the shop opened, the owner's wife welcomed me with a smile. I could enjoy a delicious cake and herb tea. When going to Ishigaki Island, I would love to visit the shop again. (H.S)


The appearance of the shop


I had a Mont Blanc.


There is an eat-in Japanese room with a surfboard on the ceiling.


Their recent various cakes
(Photo is from their Facebook page @okasinoie.papiru)


The owner couple moved to Ishigaki Island from Osaka.
(Photo is from PAPIRU's website)