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Unexpected superb view, Tedori Gorge


Places to visit

I was surprised that such a scenery was hidden.


Saying that it was unexpected is kind of disrespectful, but there was a huge gap between the scenery I saw while driving and one when I parked and looked down from the bridge.


It was when I went to Tedori Gorge in neighboring Ishikawa Prefecture on a sunny day about 10 days ago.


Recommended spots are dotted along the Tedori River that flows from Mt. Hakusan, so I went around some of them. Unlike ordinary tourist spots, there were no souvenir shops etc.. It was good that I could quietly enjoy the scenery.


I liked such an atmosphere and I want to visit more of these kinds of "tourist spots".


Small parking lot next to "Komon Bridge", and the trees along the river are on the right. It can only be seen as an all-too-common river from here. Mt.Hakusan can be seen in the background.


From the bridge, I saw this scenery below. I felt a bit tense because of the unexpected height.


View from "Furo Bridge" slightly upstream. The parking lot here is large.


Information board near the "Furo Bridge"


A bit thrilling stone steps going down to the bottom of "Watagataki Falls", a little further upstream from the "Furo Bridge"


The "Watagataki Falls" with a drop of 32 meters from the bottom of the steps


View of the downstream side from the "Watagataki Falls". You can see an observatory in the upper left. This area seems to be a rafting course.


At the top of the steps, there was an outdoor facility called "Watagataki Ikoi no Mori" with a campsite sign and a house that looked like an administration building, but it seems to be not used any more. Or, it may be simply because of off season. A few minutes walk to the observatory that I mentioned before.