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Buckwheat noodle restaurant recommendation in Echizen City "Urushiya"



The buckwheat noodle restaurant ”Urushiya” once offered their soba noodles with grated radish to Showa Emperor. But the restaurant was closed more than twenty years ago. Recently, I heard that the restaurant reopened this spring and saw its photos on Instagram from time to time. The retro-flavored atmosphere and the good reputations made me want to go to the restaurant, and I went there the other day.


The restaurant is located on the north side of Soja-Daijingu Shrine in Echizen City. In the Teramachi area, there are a stone path, a deli shop and a nice cafe, which create a good atmosphere. The restaurant's parking lots are separated into a couple of places nearby. So, when you go there for the first time, please ask restaurant staff.


As expected of an old established restaurant, the interior and the garden were elegant. The owner and staff were kind, so I felt cozy and of course their buckwheat noodles were freshscent and delicious. I would like to visit the restaurant again. (H.S)


Inside the restaurant


Hanging scroll and flower arrangement by my table


They serve Japanese multi-course meal as well.


I ordered soba noodles with grated radish and tempura set.


Flower arrangement at the entrance


Stone washbasin at the entrance
It's autumnal.


The restaurant was built in Taisho Period. A staff fit into the photo, saying "It's embarrassing to fit into a photo. Back shot is fine."