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Hanagaki's special brewery bar on Shichiken Street in Ono City



Annual "Three major morning markets' regional products fair" is being held on the Shichiken Street in Ono City this weekend, and I went there yesterday.


During the event, the street is filled with not only open booths for Schichiken morning market, which has a 400-year-old history, but also specialty products of Ono City, its friendship city and neighboring towns.


And another pleasure at the event is enjoying sake at the special brewery bar being opened by Hanagaki only at the weekend. In the bar, you can taste many kinds of Hanagaki's sake. It is so nice to enjoy sake while chatting with Hanagaki's sake brewers and looking at the Shichiken Street, which many people come and go. (H.S)


It is fun to talk with sake brewers of Hanagaki about sake.


The daiginjo-shu is named "Ultimate Hanagki".


Sake tasting set to compare three kinds of brewer's rice


The menu of the bar


In front of the Hanagaki's shop, you can buy special sake and sake lees only during the event.