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The film "Joker"




I saw the "Joker." Speaking of the fated rival of Batman, Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight" left a strong impression. But Joaquin Phoenix's soulful performance in this film blurred the memory of Joker by Heath. Joaquin was in the screen as Joker himself. The film depicted Joker's background and I couldn't help but feel Joker's humanity. So when Bruce Wayne (Batman) appeared as a child, I took Joker's side.


The dance scenes by Joaquin were so beautiful and avant-garde like Noh play or Tai Chi. They were just perfect. His running scenes were also picturesque.


In the scene when Joker in a police car was looking Gotham City, "White Room" by Cream was played, which was so cool and stylish. Such combination is one of the most excited appeals of movies. And, the song title implies the last scene, which is the excellent work. In the world today, there are many issues, such as social inequality, poverty, excluding immigrants, suppression, abuse and harassment. The film makes me think about those issues. (H.S)