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Autumn mountain

I was fascinated by the view of the mountains that were overlapped like waves.


I went to Mt. Hakuba-dake in Nagano Prefecture last weekend. I was planning to go to the Mt. Hakuba-dake from Tsugaike Kogen highlands via Hakuba-Oike pond, but I stayed in a tent overnight by the Hakuba-Oike pond at an altitude of 2,379 meters and turned back without going further. Because the weather was not so good. The summit of the Mt. Hakuba-dake was almost in the clouds. During the round trips to the Hakuba-Oike pond, it occasionally rained lightly and had fog, but thanks to that, I saw several grouses and enjoyed the scenery with a slightly different color from when it was sunny.


The red and yellow leaves are vivid.
A cone of Oshirabiso (abies mariesii) on the top of a tree looks like a round shaped little bird.


Autumn leaves at my feet


The Hakuba-Oike pond and a lodge with a campsite


A grouse that suddenly came out on the mountain trail