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An exhibition titled "Cats are just cute"




The other day, I saw the exhibition titled "Cats are just cute" in Osaka. At the exhibition, you can see a lot of adorable photos, objects and arts of cats.


Photo by a cat photographer, Masayuki Oki
(The photo is from FASHION PRESS)


Felt art by Midori Nakayama
(The photo is from FASHION PRESS)


Other than amazing photos by professional photographers, the many photos by applicants from all over Japan were overwhelming. I felt once again that cats are really loved by people. And, posters of rare cats were displayed, which attracted my attention. I am fascinated by Bengal and Savannah Cat. They look almost like panthers, and it seems to be thrilling if I have one, but I heard that their character is sweet. The contrast is lovable.


The exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka was over, but it will be held in Yokohama and Shizuoka from now. (H.S)


[Video] A savannah cat goes out with its owner. (2'31")

Indeed, it looks a wild animal but obviously, it is a cat when I see it stepping on the mats.