Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Nogeito (Silver cock's comb)


Unique shaped flowers like candle flame were in bloom beside a rice field in Fukui. I didn't know about this flower at all but I managed to find that it was a plant called "Nogeito (Silver cock's comb)." According to Wikipedia, "There are many cases in which Nogeito with pink flowers, the original species, have spread in warm areas in the Kanto region and the west in Japan." Certainly, Fukui is included in the area.


Every time I check out names of flowers that I saw in wild fields like this, I feel how little I know about things in the world. And yet it's strange that I feel like I have known about the plant by learning its name. At any rate, I think that the flower is pretty cute because it also looks like cat's bushy tail.


Here is a photo of the whole flowers. The small white flowers in the background are buckwheat ones.