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The film "Rocketman"



I saw the film "Rocketman".


Taron Egerton acted Elton John and sang the Elton's songs himself. When I saw him in "Kingsman" for the first time, I was sure he would rise to stardom and it happened. His straight and pure voice emphasized the beauty of Elton's songs. The scene that Elton is composing and singing "Your Song" made me cry and evoked feelings that I had forgotten.


Also, it was impressive that Elton met a songwriter, Bernie. I was surprised that the actor who played Bernie was Jamie Bell, who played Billy Elliot back in 2000. I was touched by when they met for the first time, formed a bond and their confidential relationship lasted for a long time.


I fully enjoyed Taron's acting and singing that expressed Elton's success, suffering, loneliness, alcohol and drug addiction and sexuality. Especially, his act when Elton visited his father after he became popular was amazing. And of course, you can enjoy Elton's most popular songs. (H.S)