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Summer days of my cats



I have two cats. One is Gil, an orange tabby 7-year-old male cat. The other is Miiko, a black and white 6-year-old female cat. They are not a brother and a sister. Some time after I started raising Gil, Miiko came to the space under the eaves of my house and she didn't go anywhere since then, so I started keeping her, too.


I had never kept two cats at the same time until then. I have heard that a new cat is in a stronger position than an old cat, so I tried not to give Gil stress as much as I can. As expected of a new cat, Miiko was strong and she fought back against Gil's threatening.


Now the two cats are spending their time as they please. That said, this summer is too hot for them as well, so they tried to look for cool places and live as comfortable as possible. (H.S)


Where is a cool place?


Cats like cardboard boxes. If Gil finds one, he always tries to get inside it.


Gil is eating the grass in the garden.


Stairs is one of Miiko's favorite places.


Miiko often lies on her back. It must be a comfortable position. But Gil never does like this.


Usually, they don't care about each other but sometimes get friendly.