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Good harvest of tomatoes this summer


Life in Fukui

Heat wave has been continuing in Japan. Despite the heat, the vegetables in my home vegetable garden are growing well. Particularly, I got a good crop of tomatoes. Originally, tomatoes are heat-tolerant, and I think that their taste harvested under the blazing sun is more condensed than usual.


Speaking of nutrition of tomatoes, lycopene is well known. Lycopene has powerful antioxidants that is more than a hundred times vitamin E that has an effect similar to lycopene. And, when heated, lycopene absorption rate will improve so I am glad that tomatoes can be used for various menu. (H.S)


Harvest of the other day
There are eggplants under the tomatoes


Tomato curry and rice
Put peeled tomato in last. Fry cut eggplant.


Cold tomato spaghetti
Add salt in the water when you chill the spaghetti. Salt is important! Please pour lemon and put black pepper on if desired.