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A fresh encounter with a book published six years ago-Molly Birnbaum's "Season to Taste"




It is a story of a young woman who was aiming for a chef, from when she lost a sense of smell until getting it back. I always read electronic books, but since there was no electronic version of the book, I decided to borrow it from a library.


Then I borrowed the book at Fukui Prefectural Library yesterday, and I was surprised that there was no sign that the book was opened because the tassel was folded neatly between the pages of the book.


Am I its first reader? Had it been waiting for being picked up for nearly six years at the bookshelf of the library that many people use? Indeed, the book was published in September 2013.


Having said that, though, the library may not always get books right after publishing, so it didn't make much sense, but it was a bit of fun from the beginning.


I wanted to read this book because it was introduced in the book called "The strongest 'Reading' that is helpful in business" written by a well-known business person and a great reader Haruaki Deguchi. I like the words of him saying, "There is no other way but meeting people, reading books and traveling the world to become smart.”


Mr. Deguchi recommends the "Season to Taste" after mentioning as below.


- "Flowers should have scent, books should have poison." or "An unprejudiced idea is a non-scented bouquet." Among proverbs about books, I like these two irresistibly.-


I have just started reading the book and I do not know at all what the story will be like, but I am curious about what kind of poison or smell it has.