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Made a carrying case for a mini drone


Production notes


I made a carrying case for storage and carrying of the mini drone bodies, parts and a transmitter that I usually use for practice. Actually I only put the cushioning material called block cushion in the commercially available aluminum case for tools, but even so, the size of the cushion was just right and easy to process, and I was satisfied with the finished result.


The block cushion has 15 mm square cuts on the entire surface of a large sponge. In other words, it is a block of the 15x15x60 mm sponge pillars. The pillars are connected to each other in some points, and it is easy to make a hole without using a special tool because you can cut the connected points by hand or a ruler. Furthermore, I cut the sponge taken out of the holes into a suitable thickness with a cutter. Then I returned it into the original holes, and made the bottom parts according to the height of the things to be put there. 


But this is not good enough yet, because the upper half is left empty, and the contents will fall apart when you lift it, so I packed some cushioning material on the back of the lid as well. I removed the panel for tools and writing instruments originally attached there.


Space for the replacement parts has two stories.


Block cushion placed in the aluminum case (before being processed)