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A main figure changes in quite a short time

Ladies' tresses


A little while ago I wrote, "Buta-na (Cat's ear) flowers are blooming all over." But when I went to that place again yesterday, I found the yellow flowers disappeared and the site had been replaced by the pink flowers called Nejibana (Ladies' tresses).


Flowers of the Nejibana are small and modest, but they have a unique spiral shape. When I look at the flowers, I feel that summer has come.


In the background, sunflowers that are main character of summer, when the Buta-na was in bloom were small nursery plants, grew up higher than a man and the large flowers bloomed.



The sunflowers here in "Star Land Sakadani" will be in full bloom soon.


tree frog
The rainy season is not over yet and there were tree frogs here and there.