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In fact, the yellow flowers "Buta-na (Cat's ear)" are useful.

Cat's ear


I think it is beautiful to see the little yellow flowers are blooming all over. The name of the flower that is similar to dandelion is "Buta-na (grass that pigs eat)".


It is so-called a weed, but it is eaten as a herb in Europe where it originated. The leaves and stems are edible, and you can also make herbal tea like "Dandelion coffee" using its roots. So it seems like a very useful plant. It's a pity that it is treated as a weed.


By the way, its French name is "Salade de porc (salad that pigs eat)" and it is the origin of the Japanese name "Buta-na".


The picture below is taken immediately after mowing in this place. The picture above is just two weeks later in the same place. I mentioned "It's a pity that it is treated as a weed" , but the "weed" grows too fast and strongly.


Starland Sakadani
This is the place where I practice drone. The mountain in the background is Mt. Arashimadake, one of "One Hundred Mountains of Japan".