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The Japanese film "The Journalist"



I saw the film "The Journalist", which criticizes the current government. I don't think that this kind of film had been created in Japan.


The subjects of the film are an accusation by a female journalist Shiori Ito and Kake Gakuen scandal, which can be said that it is a controversial one that depicts the dark side of Japan in real time.


When I saw the scene that a bureaucrat of Japan's Cabinet Intelligence Investigation Room, Sugihara said, "I am a person on the government.", I questioned what he said. I wondered that just what "on the government" was, and the government and the citizens were enemies in the first place.


While seeing the film, I tried to figure out the meaning of the words that a journalist Yoshioka's father who had died left, "Believe and doubt yourself more than anyone else."


A Korean actress Shim Eun-kyung plays Yoshioka. Previously, her image was a merry girl because she played a younger sister in a Korean TV drama. But I was happy to see that now she became quite a charming woman. The quiet scenes with she and Tori Matsuzaka, who played Sugihara, were impressive. When the film ended, I thought it was really good that she played Yoshioka.


You can enjoy the film as a good piece of work regardless of your political beliefs. It made me realize that swallowing coverages and that thinking process comes to stop is the worst thing for Japanese people who have been pointed out that they are peace-addicted. So, I really felt that I should collect information as much as I can and think anything for myself first. (H.S)