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Visiting Fukui City Osagoe Minkaen Garden


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The other day that was sunny spells during the rainy season, I strolled in the Fukui City Osagoe Minkaen Garden.


In the garden, five old folk houses and a wooden storehouse in the Edo period were relocated from some areas in Fukui Prefecture.


The old folk houses, including the Jochi Residence located previously in Ono City, which is the biggest one in Fukui Prefecture, from Awara City, Echizen City, Fukui City and Wakasa Town, are lined and you can enter each house freely.


As I entered an old folk house, an administrative man was eating lunch by the fireside that was actually put wood on the fire. When I saw the scene, I caught a glimpse of a traditional life.


Since the garden is not that far from Fukui Station, it is a good place to take guests from other prefectures with Yokokan Garden and Mt. Asuwa. It is located on a higher ground, so you have a good view and can spend a quiet time that can make you forget a busy daily life.


The old folk houses are used for experience learning for elementary and junior high school students. Also, anyone can apply to use for events. Actually, sometimes events and concerts are held in the garden. (H.S)


Irori fireplace and a spacious wooden floor


Open zashiki (Japanese-style room)


You can see Fukui City's urban area from the veranda.


There is Mt. Osagoe behind the bamboo forest.


The pond in the garden and hydrangeas that are "Flower of Fukui City"


Fukui City's urban area from the walking path in the garden