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The 160th Naoki Award-winning novel "Hero's Island" written by Junjo Shindo



The novel's editor says that the manuscript is the best he has ever worked on and recommends it risking his career as an editor. Shindo himself also says that he is so proud of the novel.


The novel depicts three young people grow in Okinawa after the war with actual persons and incidents. When Kamejiro Senaga appeared in the novel, I cheered, but as for the scene of US Air Force F-100 crashed into Miyamori Elementary School, I felt twinges of horror with the cruelty and outrageousness.


Throughout the novel, it was like a hot, deep, strong adventure mystery movie. As a matter of fact, Shindo once intended to become a movie director, so that makes sense. I have read several pages every day. It was so much fun to read it and I wanted to read furthermore but even felt it was too nice to finish, and really overwhelming.


He put Okinawan readings on many words in the novel. I admire that he took the time and trouble to do it despite not being an Okinawan. And, his supplemental remarks were funny and they made me giggle. I like his sense of humor.


By the way, upcoming June 23rd is the memorial day of Okinawa Prefecture commemorating all who died in the Battle of Okinawa. The day is a public holiday in Okinawa Prefecture. On this occasion, I would like to think deeply about the current situation in Okinawa and the victims' souls. (H.S)


The author's autograph message, and it also says "Please read."