Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Impressions when I visited a site there was an abandoned building to take photographs by a drone

Traces of elementary particles
I associated a photograph of elementary particles in an accelerator experiment with the curves drawn by the ears of the dead silver grasses that emerged on the dark background.


Green monster
I thought it was a chimney covered with ivy from the distance, but it was a utility pole. In time, the ivy may extend laterally along the wire.


The only flower in the world
The purple orchids bloomed around the building were beautiful. Various flowers bloom in this way around us. By the way, I just don't like the Japanese popular song "The Only Flower in the World". Because the lyrics say that ”flowers in a flower shop never compete, by contrast, many people always compare themselves to others”, but that's not true. They are the only flowers that have won fierce competitions to be chosen as merchandise.