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Spectacular scenery of the stone garden on Rokuroshi-Kogen plateau in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture


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Every time I go to the Rokuroshi-Kogen plateau in Ono City, I think it's very interesting to see the big rocks scattered in the landscape.


The plateau was created by an eruption of Mt.Kyogatake tens of thousands of years ago. So the lava blown off and flown out at that time is still exposed here and there.


The lava is called "Buku-ishi" in Japanese, and it also became a place-name.


The landscape is just like a large natural stone garden.


When viewed from above, it really looks like a stone garden.


There is lava in the vineyards as well. And, the building in the foreground is "Hakusan Winery", the only wine maker in Fukui Prefecture. You can see Mt.Kyogatate at the back.


Lava in the backyard of "Star Land Sakadani", a facility in Ono City.