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Visiting Echizen Ono Castle in a cheerful mood after enjoying sake


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As I mentioned in my last blog, I had some sake at the sake brewery. And after that, I visited the Echizen Ono Castle. It was an enjoyable visiting because the day was sunny, and I could walk in a happy mood thanks to sake.


It took an about 10-minute walk from Shichiken Street to the entrance of the path to the castle and about 15-minute walk to get the castle. On the way, there are not only steps but also slopes, so you can choose depending on your physical strength.


The Echizen Ono Castle is a low mountain castle that built on the 249 meters high Mt. Kameyama in Ono Basin. That's why visiting the castle is called "climb Mt. Kameyama" by the local people. Nagachika Kanamori took five years to build the castle and completed in 1575. The current castle was reconstructed in 1968.


Recently, the castle has been called "The castle in the sky". To view the castle in the sea of clouds, you need to climb Mt. Inuyama (324 meters high), where is located one kilometer to the west from the castle. But the sea of clouds emerges only under certain conditions. I would like to see "The castle in the sky" with my own eyes someday. That must be mystical. (H.S)


On the body of the train for Ono, the Echizen Ono Castle is painted.


There is a natural spring near the Echizen Ono Yui Station. It was very warm and I was thirsty, so I immediately drank it, which was cold and mild.


There are a few entrances to the Echizen Ono Castle. I climbed from the south one that has the castle gate.


The Echizen Ono Castle appeared in front of me. I looked a castle closely for the first time in a few years.


Ono City viewed from the castle


The back of the admission ticket is certificate for entrance the castle.