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Western-style cooked mackerel in a stylish can





I liked the canned mackerel that was on the dining table of my home the other day.
Apparently, my wife bought it for me who doesn't like fish .


It is a product of Iwate Prefecture, which is sold by a company named "Produced in Iwate Prefecture".
According to their website, the first product of the series was released six years ago.


The groundbreaking product was produced in hope of revival of the the marine products industry in Tohoku region which was devastated by the earthquake of 2011.
Knowing that, I come to think that the product name using French "Ca va?" ( How are you?) is also excellent. In fact, mackerel (saba) in Japanese sounds similar to the "ca va".


I immediately ordered the assortment of the entire series of the canned "Ca va?".