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A lot of Katakuri flowers were in bloom on the top of Mt. Kyogatake

The Katakuri (Dogtooth violet) flowers that grow on the top of Mt.Kyogatake. 


On May 11th (2019), I found a lot of Katakuri flowers blooming on the top of Mt. Kyogatake (1,625 meters) in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture. Although I didn’t aim for the time of bloom, it seems that it was just the right time.


Many other flowers were also blooming along the mountain trail, but it's too bad that many of them were unknown to me. So I would like to know more about animals and plants in mountains.


Iwanashi flowers that I found on the mountain trail. Their berries taste like pears.


Iwauchiwa flowers were blooming quite a lot. They are similar to Iwakagami ones but the shape of leaves is different.


Mt. Hakusan looked close from the top of Mt. Kyogatake.