Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Wonderful views from Mt. Iwagomori in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture



Last Saturday, a friend of mine asked me to go hiking in Mt. Iwagomori in Tsuruga City. We made the "Daguchi Trail" round trip from the drive-in Shinohara along National Route 161.


As with Mt. Aobayama, which I visited last time, the mountains in Reinan area of Fukui Prefecture seem to have a great view and bright. I think it's because there are no very high mountains around them.


The height of Mt. Iwagomori is not so high, 765.2 meters, but I was able to enjoy the wonderful view of Tsuruga Bay below. And I was also able to see Lake Biwa and Mt. Ibuki to the south and even Mt. Hakusan to the north.

A flat place named "Indian Plains" near the top of Mt. Iwagomori


"Jaws Rock", a symbol of the Indian Plains


The central area of Tsuruga City and the Sea of Japan


Lake Biwa and Mt. Ibuki to the south


Mt. Hakusan in the distance