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Shichiken Street in Ono City with old-style atmosphere


Places to visit

The other day, I went to Ono City to see a lecture and stopped by the Shichiken Street on my way back.


The street is famous for its morning market. But after the morning market, you can enjoy strolling the street. There are traditional townhouses on the stone-paved road and you can feel a quiet atmosphere of the castle town.


If I came to the Schiken Street, I must buy special sweet potato cakes. So I went to the Japanese confectionery shop and I heard that they would finish selling of the sweet potato cakes on April 20th and I was able to buy them in time.


Also, I could get sake "Hanagaki" because its sake brewery and shop was close by. In the sake shop, there remains an old tea ceremony room's entrance, so if you go to the shop, please pay attention to it. And, they will hold "Hanagaki Sake Brewery Festival" on May 11th and 12th. (H.S)


The sake shop's window
There is dynamic calligraphy of "Hanagaki".
And the display is for spring.


The appearance of the sake brewery
The ball made with cedar leaves was hung, which announced that new sake has produced.


The street is lined with houses with lattice doors.


Ono has abundant groundwater.
There is one here, too.


I bought this genuine-rice non-filtered raw sake.
It was fresh and had the deliciousness of rice, which made me feel happy.