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Cherry blossom viewing party at Nishiyama Park


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I joined the cherry blossom viewing party at the Nishiyama Park, Sabae City.


The Nishiyama Park is famous for azaleas and also it is a great cherry blossom viewing spot that has about 1,000 cherry trees.


Unfortunately, it was cloudy that day, and perhaps for that reason, it was not too crowded for a Sunday, so I could enjoy leisurely cherry blossom viewing.


There is a roofed space that has tables and chairs in the Nishiyama Park, so if it rains, you don't need to worry. Also, food stalls are set up a lot and there are spacious public restrooms thereby, which are convenient for visitors.


If you take a Fukutetsu train in front of Fukui Station, One Day Pass for Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays is a saving. (H.S)


Looking at the lawn area from the north near Nishiyama Bridge


View from the south
Thick growth of small trees on the nearer side are azaleas.
In May, around here is covered with azalea blossoms.


The party was a potluck.


First, we toasted with red wine.


The white wine was good, too.


Headed to Nishiyama Zoo located in high place in the park to see lesser pandas while viewing the cherry blossoms.


Many lesser pandas were taking a nap, but Milky (female), which was busy with grooming herself, finally looked over here and I managed to take this photo. She was born on July 7th, so she was named Milky from Milky Way of Tanabata: the Star Festival (July 7th).