Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Live performance of Okinawan violin by Atsuhiro Oshiro 

I saw the live performance by Atsuhiro Oshiro, who was born in Okinawa, at an Okinawan restaurant "Paikaji" in Fukui City. *Paikaji means a south wind in Okinawan language. Oshiro is a pioneering Viper (electric violin) player in Japan. It is said that there are only several Vipers in the country. He sometimes plays the Viper with using a loop machine. The Okinawan violin music that he created spending about twenty years has received a favorable reception at home and abroad.


The performance was held at an Okinawan restaurant, so he mainly played Okinawan traditional folk songs, but ethnic music such as Celtic music is also his repertory.


Speaking of Okinawan music, singing with sanshin is common, so his Viper sound was very new, smooth like silk, pleasant and I felt refreshed. His free talk was also nice, which you could tell about his gentle character. (H.S)


Oshiro wearing an Eisa (Okinawan dance) costume
You can see a loop machine at his feet.


There was a collaboration between Oshiro and Inami, who is a member of Paikaji Family (Okinawan traditional folk song group).


Non-alcoholic cocktail called "Chura-umi" (beautiful ocean) that I had at the restaurant


Medley of Okinawan traditional folk songs from the live performance by Atsuhiro Oshiro (3'56")