Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



Feeling the Charms of Fukui / The 100 Hometown Views of Fukui


Places to visit

As we've been introducing many great places in Fukui Prefecture, there's

so much to see and experience here. Today, I would like to tell you about

the charms of Fukui Prefecture and "the 100 hometown views of Fukui".


*"The 100 hometown views of Fukui" is a collection of 100 of beautiful places

in Fukui Prefecture. The purposes are not only to promote the prefecture to

people in and out of the prefecture, but it's also for the people from the prefecture

to be proud of our hometown. Another purpose of this collection to encourage

the Fukui natives who had left the prefecture to return to the prefecture.

Mr. Ugyen Dorji's wife and sister from Bhutan

In Fukui, we have many old towns with the history and cultural traditions.



Echizen coast and its sunset
the large rice field in Ono city adosojitoho area where is surrounded by mountains
young crab

We're surrounded by the ocean, mountains, rivers and lakes,

so we enjoy the fresh seafoods, fish, vegetables that are amazing.



The panel exhibition of

The panel exhibition of "the 100 hometown views of Fukui" was held

on March 15th and 16th at Aossa, a shopping mall near Fukui station.

The photographs and the introductions of the great 100 places

with the best views in Fukui Prefecture were exhibited.


The panel exhibition of

It was very nice to see many of the great places in Fukui Prefecture that

we've introduced in our videos and blogs.



eiheiji temple
eiheiji temple

I often visit Eihei-ji Temple in Eiheiji Town and the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum in Katsuyama City. No matter how many times I visit them, I don't get tired of them.



the dinosaur museum in Katsuyama

Actually, I just visited the dinosaur museum last week, and I learned some

technical terms in Japanese and English, and the history of the dinosaurs.


Beside the places that are introduced in "the 100 hometown views of Fukui",

there are many other places that are recommendable.



yukemuri yokocho in awara

Near Awara hot spring area in Awara City, there is "Awara Onsen Yataimura

Yukemuri Yokocho (Awara hot spring village of food stalls named "steam alley").

In Yukemuri Yokocho (steam alley), there are about ten small restaurants

where you can enjoy a variety of foods such as western, Chinese and Japanese, etc.


Since the size of each restaurant is small that only about nine or ten people can sit,

sometimes customers start talking frankly even with strangers and everyone

in the restaurant ends up enjoying talking to each other.

It might be a perfect place for people to make new friends as well.



mikuni sunset beach


There are some hot springs where you can enjoy bathing and seeing the ocean

at the same time. It's such a soothing experience to see the splendid view of

the ocean while taking a bath.



This is a video of a singer/actress from Fukui Prefecture, Ai Takahashi

introducing Fukui Prefecture.

There's so much more to see and experience in Fukui Prefecture, so I would like

to visit the ones that I haven't been yet. I think I will like my hometown more.

Stay tuned for more videos of the great places in the Fukui Prefecture!