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The Truth About STRESS


Beauty and health

I would like to introduce a documentary program "The Truth About STRESS" by Blink Films, UK, broadcasted by NHK educational television the other day.


Experts believe stress can contribute to life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, dementia and types of cancer - and the pressures of 24/7 modern-day life are often held to blame. In this program Fiona Phillips explores some of the very latest scientific research behind stress, and demonstrates a number of techniques designed to decrease common stress factors.The familiar secrets of how to cope with stress are food, exercise and mindfulness that you can incorporate into daily life. Mindfulness is a technique that has a root in meditation, aware of where you are, what you are doing, and acceptance of reality.


A psychologist who appeared in the program says: "We cannot exceed our own self images. The way we see us so comes reality. But we can always control our mind set defines performance. Stress can be very positive and stress can drive success. All depends on how we see it." 


If you can make a simple life style change to stop stress level spiking necessarily during the day would be better. For example, eating almonds and walnuts are recommended. Both are good source of protein and help stabilize blood sugar. Walnuts contain omega-3 fat and are very good to brain, when you feel anxious as well.


Too much caffeine can causing insomnia, nervousness, increase in cardiac rate. Green tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid and it helps your concentration and you feel calm. So, green tea is recommended as coffee alternative.


Don't skip breakfast and keep hydrated. If you skip breakfast, your body will increase cortisol to raise blood sugar. Dehydration keeps your body under more stress.


After all, stress is perfectly natural response to everyday situations.
The program concluded that if you use advantage of stress with a healthy diet, appropriate exercises and mindfulness, there is nothing to worry about. (H.S)