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Bhutanese home cooking class




I participated in a cooking class, "Bhutanese home cooking by Bhutan Museum" on March 17th, 2019 and experienced cooking the home-style Bhutanese food. I made buckwheat pancakes and three kinds of stewed dishes.


The most distinctive characteristic of Bhutanese cuisine is its spiciness. At the class, we put much less chili pepper than most Bhutanese people usually use for cooking. I've heard that chili peppers are considered as more vegetables than spices in Bhutan.


After we finished cooking, we all shared the foods that we cooked.
I liked the simple dishes and I wouldn't feel there would be anything strange about seeing the them on Japanese tables. I wondered what the home-style Japanese food is.


In general, so called "Japanese cuisine" is not considered as the home-style Japanese food. I don't know how I can explain what the characteristics of the home-style Japanese food simply.


Dishes in the photo above
Top left) Shamu Datse : Mashroom & Green pepper with cheese & hot chili
Top right) Kewa Datse : Potato with cheese & hot chili
Bottom left) Khur-le : Buckwheat pancake
Bottom right) Sikam : Dried pork & Radish with hot chili