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Visiting Mt. Asuwa in Fukui City with a Bhutanese Family


Places to visit

Mr.Ugyen Dorji and his family

As I mentioned in our precious blog that Mr. Ugyen Dorji, who is studying

at University of Fukui as a teacher trainee from Bhutan since September of 2017

and his family will go back to Bhutan at the end of March.


We took a day trip to Mt. Asuwa.


His wife came to Japan on March 29th, 2018 and they will go back to Bhutan

on March 28th of this year that means they made exactly one year.


She said that she liked everything about Japan, especially she enjoyed shopping.

She felt that there are many stores in Japan and it was very convenient for her.

She also enjoyed Japanese foods as well. She liked the Japanese fried chicken "Karaage",

ramen noodles and soy sauce very much. She's grateful for Mr. Ugyen Dorji that

she came to Japan, lived here for one year, and experienced many new things.


Mr. Ugyen Dorji lived without his family for the first six months. After the six months,

they arrived and he was very happy to live with them. They met many nice people,

visited many beautiful places and experienced amazing things. I even saw Mr. Ugyen Dorji

participating in the events in Fukui Prefecture in the newspaper and on TV.


He said that his sense of taste has been changed since he has lived in Japan.

The spices from Bhutan taste too spicy for him now.


Mr. Ugyen Dorji's son is about to touch sheep

Asuwayama Amusement Park



I was surprised to see that their son has grown since I saw him last September.

He wasn't scared of the sheep that is bigger than him. He was very curious to see it,

and he touched and stared at it for a while.



talking bird at Asuwayama amusement park, Jiro-chan

We were surprised to see Jiro, the talking bird saying "bye bye" to us.



beautiful birds at Asuwayama amusement park

Everyone from children to adults can enjoy there.

Without flash light, the visitors can take photographs of the animals.



a turtle pushing its own feet to get out of mud
Mr. Ugyen Dorji watched the turtle quietly

He watched the turtle pushing its own feet to get out of mud quietly.



Happy Jungle

We visited "Happi-jan" (Happy Jungle), where the visitors can see closely

and touch the animals. There are some animals that the visitors not supposed to touch,

so make sure to ask the staff before touching any of the animals there.




These three capybaras are always together. They stay, swim and play in the water,

walk and play together. They don't bite, so we enjoyed giving them foods.



a bird in the Happy Jugle

It was such a nice place where we can see the capybaras, the birds, a sloth, iguanas, etc., living together. Admission is free of charge for Asuwayama Amusement Park and

"Happi-jan"(Happy jungle).



Admission is free of charge for Asuwayama Amusement Park and "Happi-jan"(Happy jungle).



Emeror Keitai

The statue of Emperor Keitai, the 26th Emperor of Japan.


Beside these places I introduced, there are several other places that people can visit such as

popular shrines, nice cafes and restaurants. And the visitors can enjoy amazing cherry blossoms in spring and beautiful hydrangea in around May and June.


The visitors can experience the charms of Fukui in Mt. Asuwa.

Come visit!





This is the video of "Happi-jan" (Happy Jungle).

Aren't they so cute?

This is the best place for the ones who love animals!