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Enjoying a quiet walk in a village forest


Life in Fukui

Statue of Taicho Daishi in the middle of Naka Shinjo hiking course of Mt. Sanriyama


Statue of Taicho Daishi on the side of Fudo waterfall in Mt. Gongen-yama


Yesterday, I went to a video shoot of the statues of Taicho Daishi to Mt. Sanriyama and Mt. Gongen-yama in Echizen City. Taicho Daishi is a famous ancient Buddhist monk who was born in Echizen (present Fukui Prefecture).


In Fukui Prefecture, there are many places associated with Taicho Daishi, and many of the places can be found around low mountains.


Near the statue in Mt. Sanriyama, there is a spring that is said that was started to spring by Taicho Daishi's spiritual power, is enshrined as sacred water. And the statue in Mt. Gongen-yama can be found beside "Fudo waterfall", which is one of the five waterfalls that are collectively called "Yanagi Falls".


Scared spring near the statue of Taicho Daishi in Mt. Sanriyama


I enjoyed taking a quiet walk in the village forest imagining how the ancient people were grateful for the water that is the most important thing for people to live. And because they were so grateful for the water, they might enshrined their superstar, Taicho Daishi at the spring.