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Special open-day at a local sake brewery in Fukui



The local sake brewery "Ippongi" is well known for its sharp and dry sake, which
is located in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture, founded in 1902.


I usually don't drink sake much, but as the special open-day approaches every year, I look forward to it for some reason. Each year, the event is held on the second day of Katsuyama Sagicho Festival. However, last year's one was cancelled due to the heavy snow, so the event was the first one in two years.


At the event, you can go in the sake brewery and they have lucky dip of sake lees, games, sake stands, selling special sake available only on the day and special sake-manju (steamed cake using sake). Until now, I couldn't buy them because they were always sold out, but I could buy the sake and the sake-manju because I went there early this year. To be honest,
I didn't like sake-manju that much, but I really enjoyed the sake-manju because its dough was fluffy and not too sweet. (H.S)


This year's Sagicho was favored by good weather and the festival music was more glamorous.


Arrived at the Ippongi sake brewery.


They opened inside the brewery that day.


Lucky dip of sake lees


Quiz about sake


Another quiz


Popular sake stand


This year's menu of the sake stand


The tinted left one is plum wine.
It was delicious.
I changed my image of plum win


Men of the drummers of the festival also enjoyed the event. Men wearing underwear for kimono is one of must-see sights at Katsuyama Sagicho.


The special sake "Funakuchi", which is non-filtered raw unprocessed sake, strong and thick but delicious.


Here is a video of when the event to start (10:00 a.m.) (5'37") Singing by the sake brewery workers and the formal announcement are cool.