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Travel journal of 26 years ago



The other day, I was handed a sheaf of papers by a longtime friend, saying "Do you want to read this?" In fact, the copy over 40 pages was a travel journal about when I went to London 26 years ago with her.


She likes writing and has literary talent. She wrote a very detailed journal about our entire trip of the time. Of course, I can remember I went to London, but I have only a vague memory of what the hotel was like and the detailed itinerary.


Back in those days, the Internet was not spread, so I had only guidebooks to rely on. The photos that I took were analog ones of course.


When I started to read it with my heart thumping a little, it brought back my dim memories and as if they are updated vividly and I was moved. I feel like having a treasure, cannot be replaced by anything. If I take a long trip one day, I would definitely like to write a travel journal.


She also wrote a novel that a girl travels back to a sword training yard of samurai in the end of the Edo Period in Kyoto. I read it before and it brought tears to my eyes. I want the novel to be turned into a book, but she has no interest in publication because she said she wrote it merely for her pleasure. (H.S)


The purpose of the trip to London was visiting here, where is the residence of Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991. In the film "Bohemian Rhapsody", there was a similar scene to the appearance of the house in this photo.


Messages from fans were written all over on the brick wall of Freddie's house. We visited here again two days later and left flowers and letters.


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