Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui



"Italia" in Fukui City -A restaurant with nostalgic atmosphere, run by a chef who plays the harp-



the basement of Yours Hotel Fukui, there is a restaurant called Italia

I'd like to introduce a restaurant in Fukui City, "Italia". It is located in the basement of

Yours Hotel Fukui near Fukui Station (2 minutes walk from the west gate of the station).

The restaurant was opened in 1971, and it was the first restaurant in Fukui City specialized

in serving spaghetti and pilaf. The spaghetti sauce that the chef makes is amazing and

it's purchasable at the restaurant.



kitchen viewed from the counter table

The kitchen, tables and the chef, everything about this restaurant made me feel nostalgic.



hot corn creamy soup
lunch set comes with spaghetti, meat sauce, fried shrimp and sausages and salad
espresso comes with the lunch set

I ordered a lunch set that comes with hot creamy soup, salad, spaghetti or pilaf

(you can choose either one) with meat sauce, a fried shrimp, sausages and

a cup of espresso. It was a big lunch and very satisfying.



luch set is 1140yen

I can say for sure that it was definitely worth more than 1,140 yen.




As I finished eating, the espresso was served, and I enjoyed talking with the chef.

He showed me a beautiful harp and played it for me. I'd never seen a chef playing

the harp before.



chef holding and sitting with his harp

He was saying that he might be the only one who cooks and plays the harp in Japan.


If you have a chance to visit Fukui, I'd suggest you go to the restaurant.

I'm sure you have a great time there.

*He doesn't play the harp regularly.



In addition, the chef told me that his son is also a chef. He cooks French food

at his own restaurant called " Le DiamantRose" in Fukui City.

When I have a chance, I would like to eat at his son's restaurant as well.





Location: The basement of Yours Hotel Fukui

1-4-8 Chuo, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Open hours: 11:00-21:00

Closed: Thursdays



Le DiamantRose

1-2-8 Kamogawara,

Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Lunch: 11:30-15:00

Dinner: 17:30-21:00

Closed: Mondays